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28/07/2022 - 31/07/2022 
Sluitingsdatum: 17/07/2022 

Om uw kandidatuur te stellen voor deze wedstrijd kan u bovenaan inloggen!

Ruiter Paard Status
» Van Olst Mike     Accepted 
  Colman Z   Accepted 
» Van Roosbroeck Jules     Withdrawn 
  Nanta   Withdrawn 
» Van Thillo Robin     Accepted 
  Ombre d'Emma   Accepted 
» Vanderhasselt Yves     Withdrawn 
  Lelielounka Stw   Withdrawn 
  Ofaline v/h Haneweehof   Withdrawn 
  Trixie Z   Withdrawn 
» Ver Linde Sarah     Accepted 
  Iniesta D   Accepted 
» Verberckmoes Maartje     Accepted 
  Carerra Z   Accepted 
  Guidam's Willow the Second   Accepted 
» Vereecke Andres     Accepted 
  Balouto Van Paemel Z   Withdrawn 
  Biarritz des Hauts Droits   Accepted 
  Halima Van Het Bonte Hof Z   Accepted 
» Vergauwen Joris     Accepted 
  Nacco Blue van Essene   Accepted 
  Omonza DC   Accepted 
» Verlies Nick     Withdrawn 
  Bajrang   Withdrawn 
» Vermeir Steven     Accepted 
  Magnum Van Het Steentje   Accepted 
  Nikita Van De Koekelberg   Withdrawn 
» Vernaet Frederic     Accepted 
  Born To Win Ap Z   Withdrawn 
  Icloud   Accepted 
  Just Dance T&L Z   Withdrawn 
» Verwerft Niels     Accepted 
  Mallika Van De Neerheide   Accepted 
» Vets-Nicasi Tina     Accepted 
  Honey Pops Van De Zuuthoeve   Accepted 
  Largo   Accepted 
» Vinckx Wim     Accepted 
  Adjani van de Kattevennen Z   Accepted 
  Adjani van de Kattevennen Z   Withdrawn 
  Floor   Accepted 
  Impuls Vd Heffinck   Withdrawn 
» Vrins Nick     Accepted 
  No Fathers Girl   Accepted 

Draft, Nominated
Accepted, Substituted
Rejected, Not qualified, At rest, Athlete no show, Horse no show, Athlete substitution rejected, Horse substitution rejected
Substituted, Athlete Invitation Participation Request, Ranking Quota, OC additional Quota, Home NF Quota, Wildcard Quota
Athlete substitution requested, Horse substitution requested, Athlete waiting, Horse waiting
Horse Swapped
Horse late entry, Athlete late entry, Athlete OC Participation Proposition, Definite