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28/07/2022 - 31/07/2022 
Sluitingsdatum: 17/07/2022 

Om uw kandidatuur te stellen voor deze wedstrijd kan u bovenaan inloggen!

Ruiter Paard Status
» Maes Toon     Accepted 
  Harry's Chat Girl Z   Accepted 
  I'm Quality Time   Accepted 
» Mahieu Charlotte     Accepted 
  Kiarado   Accepted 
» Neven Wout     Accepted 
  Natsu De Carmel   Accepted 
  Ouno de Corlato   Accepted 
» Nuytens Gilles     Accepted 
  Basic Instinct Z   Accepted 
  Chagalle Z   Accepted 
  Sensation Dv Z   Accepted 
» Oris Karen     Accepted 
  Chanel Bleu   Accepted 
  Chanel Bleu   Withdrawn 
  Ino uno d'or   Accepted 
  Mali D'or   Accepted 
» Overmeire Anna     Accepted 
  Montana de Winghe   Accepted 
» Patteet Gudrun     Withdrawn 
» Philippaerts Anthony     Accepted 
  Calypso De Blondel   Accepted 
  Gydine   Accepted 
  Orchidee van Dorperheide   Accepted 
» Philippaerts Thibault     Accepted 
  Aqaba De Leau   Accepted 
  Cap du Marais   Withdrawn 
» Philippe Charlotte     Accepted 
  Cacharel de Amoranda Z   Accepted 
  Electro vd Kromsteeg Z   Accepted 
  Godiva S   Accepted 
» Pieters Eliah     Accepted 
  Karnivale Van 't Klavershof   Accepted 
  Opinel   Withdrawn 
» Polleunis Sam     Accepted 
  Lancelot P   Accepted 
  Ona p   Withdrawn 
» Putters Claire     Accepted 
  High Fly Special   Accepted 
» Putters Evelyne     Accepted 
  Eye of the tiger   Accepted 
  Meluso PS   Accepted 
  Mi Amor van't Eigenlo   Accepted 
» Said Abdelkader     Accepted 
  Elfy des Equinoxes   Withdrawn 
  Etincelle D'Ellipse   Accepted 
  Obama van Ostaayen   Withdrawn 

Draft, Nominated
Accepted, Substituted
Rejected, Not qualified, At rest, Athlete no show, Horse no show, Athlete substitution rejected, Horse substitution rejected
Substituted, Athlete Invitation Participation Request, Ranking Quota, OC additional Quota, Home NF Quota, Wildcard Quota
Athlete substitution requested, Horse substitution requested, Athlete waiting, Horse waiting
Horse Swapped
Horse late entry, Athlete late entry, Athlete OC Participation Proposition, Definite